Ulead DVD MovieFactory TBYB

Ulead DVD MovieFactory TBYB

Create professional-looking video discs and burn to DVD or Blu-ray!
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Ulead DVD MovieFactory 6 creates professional-looking video DVD and much more! It is the easy solution to all your media editing and archiving needs. Capture, edit and add all kind of menus and effects to your videos, or make slideshows with your favourite photos, or create your own data or audio discs, and burn your media to CD, DVD, HD DVD or Blu-ray discs.

Open Ulead DVD MovieFactory 6’s Launcher, select the option that better suits what you want to do and the program will guide you through every step needed to reach your goal. Its intuitive interfaces will allow you to drag and drop any media file you wish, and they will offer you templates and default options that will make all the creation process fast, simple and absolutely rewarding.

Capture your videos from any device, TV, HDTV, DVB-T, camcorder (analogue or digital), VCR or DVD, with just a few clicks. Use the new storyboard and timeline modes to easily edit your videos the way professionals do. These are just a sample of the many options you can use:

- Add a theme template to your project, with opening, transition effects, and titling capabilities, and author your disc in minutes.
- Fade-in and fade-out your clips.
- Combine your videos with your favourite photos.
- Add chapter points exactly where you want them.
- Edit and export HDV.
- Add metadata to your videos and photos and display them in subtitle form.
- Trim the parts of the video clips you want to leave out – including commercials from TV shows!

Add professional-looking menus, either selecting them from the templates available, or creating your own by using a wide variety of still or animated menus, titles and navigation buttons. Place any object or text anywhere in the menu, select any of the 41 menu transitions available, and create motion even from still backgrounds. You can see how your menu looks like, any time during the authoring process, by clicking on the Simulation switch.

Ulead DVD MovieFactory 6 also offers you PureHD, which allows you to create HD discs from HD DVD or AVCHD camcorders. Capture your videos from HD devices seamlessly, add Dolby Digital 5.1 sound, author them and burn to Blu-ray, just as if you were creating a standard DVD disc!

Import your photos, enhance them and correct minor exposure errors with the ExpressFix functionality, and create great-looking slideshows with transitions, background music and digital effects.

Create a wide variety of data CD using its new options:

- CD Extra support allows you to include videos or documents in your audio CDs.
- Protect your discs with a password to prevent unwanted accesses to your archives.
- Create bootable discs.
- Burn data in any type of disc: CD, single- and double-layer DVD or Blu-ray.

Rip audio CDs, create your own compilations and burn them to CD or DVD-A, on WAV, MP3 or WMA format. Your audio DVDs may include MPEG, LPCM or AC-3 formats, and a menu too!

A comprehensive suite of tools to copy, edit, append, format, erase, close and copy CDs and DVDs, completes the impressive list of functionalities that Ulead DVD MovieFactory 6 offers.

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  • Video edition is easy and intuitive
  • Its wide selection of templates allows high-quality results for the novice user
  • The choice of tools for media editing and archiving makes other standalone tools redundant


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